Nike belt for apple watch

Last week, Nike announced plans to launch four new and color matching Air VaporMax Flyknit running shoes Nike + Apple Watch strap, today these four straps have been officially on sale. The new watch comes with four tones, inspired by the sky’s color from dawn to dusk changes, each with Flyknit running shoes. Since the release of Apple Watch Nike since 2016, Nike has been providing Nike + strap, but this is the first time for their own running shoes match the launch of AW strap.

Nike’s new AW strap material and Apple’s home AW strap with the same material, are flexible fluorinated rubber, but Nike’s strap to increase the number of holes to improve the permeability.

The new strap is now available through the Nike online store for $ 49. Apple also plans in early June in the retail store, authorized dealers shelves these straps.

Nike officially release HD 2017 Flyknit

In the finals G1, the dream of the foot of the Nike shoes Nike React Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit.

Nike Hyperdunk series debut in 2008, has been out to the 2017 models, although the new has long been debut, but yesterday by the dream wearing a boarded the NBA stadium.

Shoes with a new Nike React cushioning technology to strengthen the actual performance, while the foot force for the design of the wave outsole in the visual is also quite bold, grip the same can not be underestimated. While the upper is the use of the current popular Flyknit fabric to create.

The current relevant information on the sale has not yet officially announced, so it will take some time to know.

Why did Cobe love nike rather than adidas???

A person spent 20 years in his most loving things with almost paranoid self-demanding constantly tempered himself and with a consistent attitude to face all the ups and downs and waves, NBA League career 20 set, the achievements of such a NBA star, he is Kobe Bryant.

In 1996, Bryant’s first year of life, although still at the end of the Lakers bench, but the shoes business giant ADIDAS will be fancy him, 17-year-old just left high school Bryant won a 48 million US dollars for six years of shoes contract. In that sneakers technology to accelerate the progress of the 90’s, technology has dominated the shoes sales hot, so Bryant will endorse the ADIDAS latest concept “FEET YOUR WEAR” Tianzu series.

Based on the concept of biomedical system is based on the concept of evolution of the evolution of the concept of human foot development, the evolution time is significantly shorter than the foot of the human footwear, the use of this concept to enhance the comfort of the shoes and the sense of science and technology Is very reasonable, even to the present bionic concept of the shoes is also very practical design. As a series of early products, this pair of EQT TOP TEN 2000 is not so perfect, all aspects are more general, but also the beginning of the series, combined with the cooperation with Kobe Bryant, both sides have also received a lot of attention.

Nike was gradually taken by adidas

With Real Madrid won the team history of the twelfth big ears cup, C Luo scored twice in the final, once again become the Champions League gold boots, naturally become the focus of media and fans. As a sponsor of the Portuguese, Nike naturally will not miss this opportunity, for their own brand a good cry. This is not the first time the company launched the C Luo theme of inspirational posters, did not expect to make some small embarrassment.

Nike promotional advertising pictures, a C Lo young when the Sentimental photos, as we are concerned about the center. But when Nike will take this photo as a background map, congratulations C Luo once again won the Champions League championship, but was a lot of sharp-eyed friends found that the original picture was Nike clever PS over.

Originally in this picture, the young C Luo was wearing the biggest competitor Adidas jacket, Nike advertising against the number one competitor made a wedding dress, really some embarrassment. Many users even ridicule to the Nike ad was Adi strength to play the face, the original C Lo from love is Adi, Nike this picture is really a little rub up his feet hit his feet means.

What brand is ACG???

Nike such a big card is always a lot of money to support some or high-end or strange branch, is to expand new markets, research and development of new technology, the cost of high and also at the expense. But there is a branch, once because it is too ugly lead to poor performance, was completely cut off by Nike, the first two years after the resurrection, but now has become a new Nike card.

This series is the Nike function series ACG (All Conditions Gear, all-weather equipment). ACG can now be described as a fried chicken, even in the second speculation market, it is likely to increase the price can not buy the right size, some popular single product prices even directly seconds off YEEZY BOOST 350.

Now the trend of the hottest style is undoubtedly the functional wind, and as one of the leaders ACG is the sale of each official website are seconds, often “a hard suit.” However, ACG has only a deep influx of talent to know, ugly to be cut off the black history, after the story of the rebirth of the fire is very material.

Nike boots on finals field

The second game of the final victory again belongs to the Warriors, but in the first battle focus was Under Armor Curry 4 accounted for most of the layout, the second game we are most concerned about is LeBron James put on the Soldier 11 new color play, with the current Commercially Prototype tone similar to the use of pure black suede as the shoe body, through the details of the tone change to echo the championship game atmosphere, like the bottom of the jelly in the onion, irregular cut surface Swoosh logo are ingenious ingenuity , The same is wearing LeBron Soldier 11 race Tristan Thompson, Dahntay Jones and other players, in the shoe body, the outside of the Swoosh Logo and the end of the color and LeBron James wearing the version is different, it is not difficult to find the brand In the design of the delicate degree.

Curry 4 Stephen Curry is the first three pairs of data, and then with KD’s “death” model, successfully for the team won two straight and won the series lead. Most of the players in the game warrior players choose to play the same shoes with the first battle, which Andre Iguodala is for everyone to show another Kobe AD PE style, brand logo and heel is also the same gold paint design, the overall switch to In addition, Draymond Green also put on the new Nike React Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit debut, the whole through the white Flyknit woven out of the fine upper, and only in the Swoosh Logo to make a response The blue tones of the jersey are the same as the version of the last war.

The endless struggle of the two giants adidas and nike

In the NBA level, Nike completely overwhelmed Adi. In the European football, this year Adi team in the club level record on the hanging of Nike, and in the football national team level, the competition has been difficult to distinguish. In such a fierce competition, the digging of the wall thing also happened.

In addition, the football often seen in the “enemy camp” star, such as endorsement Adi’s Messi, Suarez long wearing Nike-sponsored Barcelona shirt game, endorsement of Nike’s C Luo also wearing Adi-sponsored Real Madrid jersey game The This makes the big sponsor under the counterattack infighting more intense.

For example, after Ozil is Nike’s spokesperson, and after the expiration of the contract after the two sides, Ozil hope to switch to Adidas, during this period, Nike and Adidas on Ozil’s endorsement contract controversy, although the final Ozil still And Adidas signed, but the court then made the relevant decision, or tend to Nike.

Shanghai seized tens of thousands of fake Nike products

It is understood that on May 14, Shanghai Inspection and Quarantine Bureau received a report, reflecting the four 40-foot container built-in fake and shoddy textile products to be exported from Shanghai Yangshan port to foreign countries.

The Shanghai Bureau of the rapid start of the emergency procedures, the container involved in the control and out of the box investigation, has been completed 3 containers, found that counterfeit NIKE shoes 4200 pairs, REEBOK shoes 8532 double, ADIDAS shoes 6000 pairs, M & Y shoes 5088 double, NEW BALANCE shoes 1440 double, GUCCI bag 1000, DUDALINA shirt 7380, ROLE watch a box, Cadio1 box, MK watch 6 boxes, marked as NIKE and ADIDAS brand of sunglasses and other products 105 boxes of suspected counterfeit goods have been sampled Detection, the inventory of the goods involved, the statistics are ongoing.

Shanghai Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of the law enforcement investigation has been the customs, the public security departments of the strong support and assistance, this case occurred in the “one way along the” summit, the goods involved to be sent to “along the way” along the country Jamaica, Shanghai Inspection and Quarantine Bureau has Investigate the illegal behavior of the exporter.